A Year of Next Station: China

Hankou safe and sound and that was Station 300 here at Next Station: China!

Thank you all for following us here on this epic journey. I personally visited this station for the first time in 2012 along with Tracy, but it was only on this journey today that I’ve a better appreciation of the station.

The hall remains as big and as impressive as ever, although with just “the basics”, lighting was a little on the dimmer side on the upper mezzanine with my face in the way. Outside of that, though, the station remains a sight to behold.

There’s also a finer and improved allocation of departure gates as intercity services begin to take off from the station. The other part I liked? The mini station sign that you get to see as a “combo sign” with the platform number. So far, unique to Hankou…

Best thing? The Revival Express out to Wuhan first (we’ll save that epic station for later), before the onward connection to Luohe West, Station 301.

Enjoy and thank you for being part of Next Station: China — for both the first year and all 300 stations we’ve been to so far!