Suning (肃宁, Stn 325): A Very Chinese Modern-ish Station!

Where is it? Southern Hebei, Northern China
What calls here? Classic Rail trains on Beijing-Kowloon Railway

There is something I have come to love about Suning Railway Station: the fact that the station is very Chinese in its look — or certainly as I arrived at the station square by car.

The settlement of Suning is actually a mini rail hub of sorts. There is the Shuozhou-Huanghua rail station further north, which is — no surprise! — Suning North, a cargo-only station. The main passenger station in town, this one on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, is of course Suning (Main).

In Pinyin, the name of this station looks almost the same as a major electronics retailer (苏宁 for the e-tailer; 肃宁 for the station — it’s only when you read it out loud, or see it written, that you find out that there’s quite a difference!)…

Digital displays are increasingly common across stations, and are very much standard at High Speed stations. So it was nice to see them being retrofitted or added to Classic Rail stations, where they altenated between the welcome message, and the particular train service due on at a platform.

Like at Renqiu station, there were two platforms — the side platform, number 1, and the island platform, number 2. However, this station was very much busier than the last one, and incidentally, I came at a time when basically there were trains coming in not long after the last one left!