Next Station: China is a rolling Internet-based documentary exploring all of China’s stations. We start with the national railway network and its thousands of stations open to the general public where passengers can simply “turn up and go” by getting a ticket to travel.

The idea came about in 2009, but only came into fruition shortly after China’s HSR network grew to a 22,000 km network, the largest in the world. All of Mainland China’s 2,306 passenger rail stations open to the public will be explored from April 2017 through to and including February 2022. Read more about the story »

Who is “we”? Everything’s spearheaded by David Feng, but wife Tracy will hop along as well, certainly for a fair bit of the train trek, and David’s network of friends in the rail world — plus some nice crew onboard trains and at stations (who will at the very least be so kind as to hold the camera for David!) will be the “we” that will make the project reality. This is why the project is a “we” project rather than exclusively belonging to any sole individual!