Cangzhou West: Times are Everything…

Cangzhou West (Cangzhouxi) Railway Station is one of a handful of High Speed stations which feature a clock (the others Next Station: China has been to featured Tianjin’s main station, which also hosts HSR trains. (Most stations don’t have one any more — for very obvious reasons!) The very modern station is designed so it is a very abstract representation of two lions — not unsurprising, as Cangzhou is known for its Steel Lion.

David has actually visited the station in 2013, and since that visit almost four years back, there have been some improvements; notably, splitting the boarding area so that there are now two departure gates instead of one. What used to be one main, central departures gate has now become Gate 1, which is for northbound trains (including those via Tianjin to northeastern China), whilst a newer Gate 2 has been opened for southbound trains. A semi-permanent barrier has been put in place so to ensure passengers always use the correct gates for their intended train.

Railway services mostly use the south part of the main station building, as the whole edifice incorporates a coach centre as well. Right in front of the exit is also a sizeable bus hub, so passengers aren’t too far from their connections. The upper level mezzanine at Departures Level has also been opened up a fair bit, so you can take the opportunity to also snap a pic to see how big the departures hall really is.

Much loved also is the miniature station garden — certainly not as huge as those at other stations, but a bit of greenness is certainly better than none. Finally, most loved is the parting shot of both the clock on the station building, and the smaller equivalent at platform level. Nice!…

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