Next Station: Social Media

We’re spreading ourselves out across social media, so to bring you a best-possible look at all of China’s 2,306 stations. Here’s what which content will go where…

  • Twitter: This will be a key network and will be where much of the interaction happens. Pictures, a few short clips, and retweets of livestreams will all be on the Twitter stream. @nextstnchina
  • Facebook: This is where slightly-longer videos may at times be put (although most of the motion will be on YouTube). The crown jewels on Facebook will be the VR shots. They’re coming for all stations on the Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Tianjin-Yujiapu, and Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR lines. /NextStationChina
  • Instagram: This is where most of the more “special” pictures will be put (no filters, though! — apart from the occasional black and white pic). The crown jewels here include panorama photos which are swipeable! Also at times a few “pic specials”. @nextstationchina
  • YouTube: Yes, there will be an hour-long documentary in late 2021 and another one in spring 2022, but for the more frequent clips, check back on YouTube. Next Station: China channel
  • Periscope: Follow the #NextStationChina hashtag on Twitter and look for posts from either @nextstnchina or @DavidFeng to see when we go live. At all major stations across the entire network.
  • Weibo: The Chinese Sina Weibo platform allows us to update audiences based in China who don’t want to use the mostly English-language sites overseas. There will also be minimal commentary in Mandarin. @nextstnchina
  • WeChat: A Public Platform is being created for Next Station: China, and the goal is to have regular, weekly updates (up to three a week during slightly busier times). Creating one of these accounts takes a fair bit of red tape, but we aim to have this ready by 18 April 2017.

    Note: There might be slight delays or issues if you are directly accessing content on non-Weibo, non-WeChat sites from mainland China.

    We’ll see you online across the social Web!

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