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The epic journey to cover the over 2,200 railway stations open to the general travelling public began 18 April 2017 from Beijing South Railway Station. Join David Feng as he discovers every one of these stations, where you can just pop in, get a ticket, and start exploring China.

325! Most recent station visited: Suning (肃宁), Hebei. See all tweets

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First & Last Stations

The journey has begun on 18 April 2017, which is 10 years to the day when CRH high speed services began for China. The trip departed from China’s first purpose-built HSR station, Beijing South. David’s journey will pop by in early February 2022 at the railway station closest to the Zhangjiakou skiing cluster, just in time for the start of the Beijing & Zhangjiakou 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

So far, the journey has travelled to over 325 stations in over 20 provinces on the mainland of China.

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Next Station: China is a rolling Internet-based documentary exploring all of China’s stations. We start with the national railway network and its thousands of stations open to the general public where passengers can simply “turn up and go” by getting a ticket to travel.

The idea came about in 2009, but only came into fruition shortly after China’s HSR network grew to a 22,000 km network, the largest in the world. All of Mainland China’s 2,306 passenger rail stations open to the public will be explored from April 2017 through to and including February 2022. Read more about the story »

Who is “we”? Everything’s spearheaded by David Feng, but wife Tracy will hop along as well, certainly for a fair bit of the train trek, and David’s network of friends in the rail world — plus some nice crew onboard trains and at stations (who will at the very least be so kind as to hold the camera for David!) will be the “we” that will make the project reality. This is why the project is a “we” project rather than exclusively belonging to any sole individual!


Suning (肃宁, Stn 325): A Very Chinese Modern-ish Station!

There is something I have come to love about Suning Railway Station: the fact that the station is very Chinese in its look — or certainly as I arrived at the station square by car.

The settlement of Suning is actually a mini rail hub of sorts. There is the Shuozhou-Huanghua rail station further north, which is — no surprise! — Suning North, a cargo-only station. The main passenger station in town, this one on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, is of course Suning (Main).

A Year of Next Station: China

Hankou safe and sound and that was Station 300 here at Next Station: China!

Thank you all for following us here on this epic journey. I personally visited this station for the first time in 2012 along with Tracy, but it was only on this journey today that I’ve a better appreciation of the station.

The hall remains as big and as impressive as ever, although with just “the basics”, lighting was a little on the dimmer side on the upper mezzanine with my face in the way. Outside of that, though, the station remains a sight to behold.

Cangzhou West: Times are Everything…

Cangzhou West (Cangzhouxi) Railway Station is one of a handful of High Speed stations which feature a clock (the others Next Station: China has been to featured Tianjin’s main station, which also hosts HSR trains. The very modern station is designed so it is a very abstract representation of two lions — not unsurprising, as Cangzhou is known for its Steel Lion. The inside of the station has also improved, with departures flow now improved thanks to a second departures gate being put into place.


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